More than anything, people want to know, how can you actually eat just fruit and nothing but.
    Most meat eaters can't fathom going without their steak and hamburgers, and yet around 10 million vegetarians in the US alone do it every day, without even really thinking about it.  What I'm saying is that while it may seem hard to imagine from your current vantage point, it certainly is possible.
    Fruitarian eating is certainly not for everyone however, but here's a simple set of guidelines that will help you achieve it if you feel it is for you.
    Step 1  Go vegetarian (cut out the meat, chicken & fish)
    Step 2  Go vegan (cut out the dairy and eggs)
    Step 3  Go raw (no more cooked foods
    Step 4  Go fruitarian (nothing but raw fruit)
    Certainly easier said than done, especially since most people can't even get past the first step.  Do whatever it takes.  Join a support group.  Hang out with other vegetarians.  Get educated.  Read "Diet for a New America", animal rights literature..
   Some people manage to go straight from eating everything to vegan.  That's what I did, but your chances of success are usually better if you don't skip that step.  I also didn't mess around with the raw food concept, but here again, for most people that is a good step and might make the transition easier  Cutting out all cooked food from the diet is not an easy task.  The nice thing about the raw food diet is that it is so much more diverse than fruitarianism.  It's also possible to create elaborate raw fishes that emulate certain cooked food dishes and so many people find that helpful.
    If you're still struggling as a vegan, forget the idea of total fruitarianism. Instead, you could add more live food to your diet and work on getting comfortable with a vegan diet.
    Personally, I never felt there was any great benefit to experimenting or lingering around with a raw food diet, but that's only my experience. I also went straight from meat eating to vegan, which isn't very common, and then from there straight ahead to fruitarianism.  
    What helped me more than anything both times (first when I became vegan and second when I became fruitarian) were actually things that are very similar.
    When I was still eating meat, dairy and eggs, I was spending a lot of time in nature and as a result many aspects of my life were becoming more natural.  I started to question why I should eat an egg when it obviously is a baby chick incubator.  I asked why I should eat animals who died a violent death.  I realized that all the dead animals I ate were disguised so as not to offend me.
    I ate out once in a primarily vegetarian restaurant and someone ordered fish.  They brought out a fish, head, tail, scales and all.  It didn't seem to do much for this person's appetite to see this corpse staring back at her.
    I quickly found that my cheese was going moldy before I finished it.  I no longer liked milk and the last box of fish and chips I bought was hard to swallow.  Within about a month I had went from omnivorous/carnivorous to vegan.  I never read any books about it.  I just increased my own internal awareness and tapped into my knowingness about the diet.  I never worried about protein or calcium, because I knew the diet had to be right.
    That was 1989 in October/November.  By the summer of 1992, I had done several colon cleanses with psyllium husk powder and achieved impressive results.
    The evidence was before my eyes that I was still ingesting death via cooked foods.  I ate more raw foods than ever (mostly fruit) and I still used my "eggless mayonaisse" on salads and drank carrot juice, and ate lots of fruit and drank orange juice.
    However, my wife, whom I had just met was not ready for this, so I stalled on it for a while.  By sometime in early 1993, around the time we got married, my wife finally did some colon cleansing.
    That did it.  Now she was on the bandwagon.  Starting in April 1993 following much introspection, we both emerged with the conclusion and the knowingness that only raw foods are meant to be consumed, and that the only raw foods which appeal to humans are fruit.
    The other clear realization was that we never liked vegetables, but rather forced ourselves to eat the stuff, usually smothered in dressing to disguise the taste.
    We just followed our instincts and quickly realized that we needed to eat a lot.  About 10 pounds for me and about 6 or 7 pounds for my wife.
    The most important thing that has kept me going with the diet is this internal knowingness that tells me we are meant to be fruitarian.
    It hasn't always been easy, but it has been incredibly wonderful.
    Just as most people admit they would be vegetarian if they had to kill the animals, most people would be fruitarian if they were propelled into a natural setting with no tools, no clothes, no cooking utensils, etc...  By a natural setting, I mean our true home, a tropical area where clothes are unnecessary and fruit grows year round.
    So there you have it, that's how it all happened, just kind of a natural progression of sorts.  In many ways I feel like a pioneer.  I hope that I can continually inspire others to find their own way towards a better diet, whatever "step" they might be at.
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