The mission of Fruitarian Vibes is a lofty one.  Our foremost goal is to create an ever increasing awareness about the fruitarian diet and lifestyle throughout the world.  Our primary means of reaching that objective at this time is firstly to attract attention through the web site and for those who are sincerely interested we have more information available in our newsletter, book and audio cassettes.  We alwayss respond to all questions.
The internet has made it possible to reach an ever growing audience of people who are interesting in fruitarianism and didn't know where to turn.  There has been a severe lack of good information on fruitarianism, and unfortunately, much of it serving only to create myths and confusion.
We promote only a true fruitarian diet.  That is a diet of fruit exclusively, no nuts and no greens.  There are those who would like to include those items in a fruitarian diet, (some even going as far as including grains and beans) however that is merely a raw food diet.
We also understand that most people cannot live up the ideal and that food addictions run strong, so we are very understanding if a particular individual cannot do it 100% and merely tell people to include as much fruit into their diet as possible and to work towards the ideal if they feel so inclined.  
Unlike many other promoters of different diets out there, we do not change our philosophies with the times.   Since 1993, we have steadfastly promoted a 100% true fruitarian diet as the ideal for mankind.  
There are many myths being promoted in fruitarian and raw food circles about many aspects of the diet.  Part of our purpose is to shatter all those myths.  People often say that a fruitarian diet is not nutritionally sound and that it is lacking in nutrients.  We like to ask, which ones?  We have done the nutritional breakdown of the diet on a day by day basis, and it is nutritionally superior!  
We promote a closer connection between the tree and the consumer, urging people to bypass the stores as much as possible and to seek farmer's markets, u-picks and ultimately to grow it yourself;  Based in the Arizona desert, with about 100 fruit trees on a property located 30 miles north of Phoenix at 2000 elevation which produces a variety of fruit including oranges, watermelons, grapes, figs, peaches, dates, apricots and many others.
We consider the fruitarian diet and lifestyle to be a highly spiritual path, one that requires real changes.  We regard it to be much more than a way of eating.  
Often people will ask us if the fruitarian diet is the ultimate diet for mankind, why are there hardly any fruitarians around?  We are saddened by this fact.  Humans seems to be a degenerate lot, physically and spiritually.  We believe that it is our birthright to be able to create anything at will with our minds and our spirits, (more commonly known as miracles) however, at present time, not many individuals can perform this feat, but that is not to say that it is not natural and normal for humans.
Originally our goal was to focus primarily on the physical aspects of the diet, but more recently, we have been overwhelmed by the the interest in the spiritual aspects of the diet.  Our intention had been to leave that aspect of the diet up to each and every individual, however we do intend to focus on it more in the future.    
Fruitarian Vibes is speerheaded by David, whose real name is Rejean Durette.  He gets asked a lot why he uses David.  David Owens is the name he has used a radio announcer for so many years that it just stuck with him.  
   He's worked at many different radio stations,
including two of the most listened to radio stations in Arizona, he can currently be heard on 93.3 KDKB in Phoenix.
For those interested in a little more information about him, there is a bio below along with a photograph.  
  Please note that this is an actual recent photograph, taken in the summer of 1999 and not 5 or 10 year old pictures to try to make him look young.  He was 34 when this picture was taken.
Rejean "David" Durette has been vegan since 1989 and fruitarian since 1993.  Also a Certified Natural Hygienist, David was a Certified Organic grower of sprouts in Sedona, Arizona for 3 years.  Now his passion is growing fruit, with some 100 fruit trees of countless varieties.  David has a book all about the Fruitarian Diet, titled:   Fruit:  The Ultimate Diet.
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