Sometimes it's hard to know what condition our health is in because there is no true meter to measure it.  People who appear to be in great shape, like athletes, professional sports persons, sometimes quicky sucumb to serious illness leaving us with the conclusion that maybe they were not healthy to begin with...  but there is one thing that is very measurable and definite and that is the state of our eyes.
    I've been asked to share the story of how I recovered my failing vision, so here it is.  When I was 18, I began to notice eye strain and headaches, especially when I had to drive a lot, an activity that was relatively new to me.  I went to the optomistrist and told that I needed glasses and he was right.  I immediately had much better eye sight and my headaches and eye strain were gone.  I noticed that my eyes seemed to get worse and that I couldn't exist without my glasses even for a minute.  Putting my glasses on was the first thing I did in the morning  I truly became a slave to them.  They affected me in a negative way.  I was conscious of my glasses and felt they detracted from my appearance.  I even opted for contacts for a short while, but was never able to tolerate them.  
    Fast forward to my mid 20's.  By now, I was vegan and had done some colon cleansing and had noticed an improvement in my vision.  I went for an eye exam and told the optimistrist ahead of time that I thought my vision had improved and that I needed weaker glasses.  He kind of laughed at me and said, "We'll see."  The test was completed and he admitted that my prescription was for weaker lenses, but he had an explanation.  Maybe my previous prescription was wrong and that I had been given glasses that were too strong.  Poor guy, his whole business is based on people's eyesight progressively getting worse and I just didn't fit into that mold.
    A few years later and a few more cleanses and I found myself managing to do without my glasses a bit.  It wasn't easy, but it was a major step.  
    Then it happened.  In the summer of 1992, I did a 19 day juice fast.  Loads of orange juice, carrot juice, apple juice and I also consumed some soy milk (yes, I admit, cooked and dead, but it helped me make it through the fast at the time, probably because it had some fat and actually slowed the cleansing to some degree).  This was almost a year before I became fruitarian.  As the fast went on, I noticed that my eyes seemed to improve dramatically, which was a welcome sight.  I had been doing without my glasses even more, but I wouldn't have believed what was about to happen.  I was sitting on the floor and had removed my glasses.  I reached over to do something and knocked a lamp over and it scratched my glasses to the point of making them unusable.  It seemed like a very timely incident.  I never wore them again and my eyesight kept improving.
 My glasses, I threw them in the glove box of my car, because my driver's license called for them, and that's where they stayed, until I finally threw them away.  About a year down the road, I had to go in for my driver's license and had to take the eye test.  I passed, 20/20 vision and had the restriction taken off my driver's license.  Since then, I had to go in one more time, in 1998, and once again was required to take the eye exam and again, I passed, 20/20 vision.
  20 years ago, contact lenses were the big deal.  Today, it's lasic surgery, which I find even scarier.  Neither one deals with the root of the problem.  Poor nutrition makes for bad eyes.  When you take out the trash, that is get rid of some of the impacted undigested and putrified fecal matter in your colon, your body is much better able to use pure, raw food and almost miraculously, things like vision improve.  Aside from being able to see well again, I was thrilled to be able to throw my glasses away, no longer to be bothered with them making red marks on my nose, or drooping down my face in the sweat they created.
  Overall, I just felt so free to not have to worry about them, and I knew that it was also an indicator that my health as a whole had also improved.  While it's difficult to judge the condition of so many parts of our body, our eyes are maybe the most obvious thing that we can easily gauge.  
   Probably most of the glasses worn are unnecessary and could be thrown away if people were to get proper nutrition.  It's so rewarding to no longer need them, that it made the whole cleanse worthwhile in and of itself.  Of course, cleansing is helpful, but long term proper nutrition is the true path to healthy vision.
Rejean "David" Durette  
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