A short while ago, I was asked to do an interview for Playboy magazine about fruitarianism.  I was a little apprehensive, uncertain as to how the article would end up being presented, but the person conducting the interview was to very nice and seemed to have an understanding of many of the issues.
    Well, I recently saw the article and was so upset.  I was painted to look like some wacked out weirdo.  The article started out with an insert about the couple in Montana who fed their 21 month old child only lettuce and watermelon and never let him touch the ground, because they believed he was the Christ child.  Authorities took the child away, and the father later "took" back the child.  The articles pointed out that the diet fed to the child was "near-fruitarian".  Obviously, the parents were somewhat misguided, maybe even total lunatics, but it makes me mad... at least they were trying to feed their child what they believed was healthy.  No one would have thought anything if their kid was fed nothing but junk food.
    My neighbours recently gave birth to a girl, who has serious respiratory complications and has spent the first few months of her life in the hospital.  The doctors can't figure it out.  The parents are both chain smokers, several packs per day!  What's to figure out.  No one takes the child away then.  Another couple on my street (both overweight) have managed to pump enough food into their 18 year old kid, that he now tops 300 lbs, nothing but junk food going in all the time.  No one takes their kid away either.  CHILD ABUSE on both counts, but nobody seems to be able to see it.
    The media seems to have lost its ability to report a story without doing it at someone's expense, or without trying so hard to shock everyone.  I guarantee that anyone reading that article will think I'm a raving lunatic, but unfortunately, so much of it is misquoted or totally made up.  Why did they even bother to ask me anything?
    I used to work in the media myself, for 6 years as a radio announcer.  However, I've seen the demise of that aspect of the media as well.  When one of the most popular announcers in the country is Howard Stern, the world is in bad shape.
    I guess that they can't make fun of vegetarians anymore like they did for decades, because there's simply too many of them.  I can only guess that vegetarians that were around 30 years ago were probably quite ridiculed as well.
    I have a serious dilema, because I would like to introduce as many people as possible to fruitarianism, but I always run the risk of being made to look like a total idiot.  Next time I get asked to do an interview, I will ponder it heavily and go with my feelings.  Playboy worried me.  Interestingly enough, they didn't print any of the benefits of the diet, only painted a picture of a deficient diet, that can't even provide enough calories.
    On a lighter note, I told someone about my dilema, and his response was not to worry, "nobody reads that magazine anyway, they just look at the pictures."  I guess there's probably a lot of truth to that.
Rejean "David" Durette
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