With Fruitarianism, as well as all other aspects of life, give yourself some slack and don't be too hard on yourself.  Spiritual things do take discipline, however, it's not healthy to feel guilty about not living up to your high ideals.  Keep striving to better yourself.
    More than likely, if your path is fruitarianism, it will be a process for you to attain it 100% and to maintain it 100%.  It probably won't happen overnight.  Even after you've maintained it for sometime, you might find yourself slipping back to cooked food once in a while.  I will say that any cooked food at all will keep your addictions alive.  Even occasional cooked food in small amounts will compromise your health noticeably.  Since people (especially Americans) eat for all kinds of reasons, you might fall back into eating some cooked food on occasion.  If you do, then it's done.   Start anew.  Don't beat yourself up over it.
    Fruit will not shield you from the harshness in the world.  In fact, it'll magnify it.  The fruitarian path is so much easier (especially in the beginning) if you stay out of the hustle and bustle of mainstream life.   Keep away from big cities as much as possible.  Have as much solitude and quiet in your life as you possibly can.  Be in nature as much as possible.  Do work and play that you love.
    We have found that really making a firm commitment to doing fruit 100% of the time has made a big difference in our success.  It's partially your mental attitude that'll ensure your success.  It's like any other achievement in that if you know you'll succeed, then you'll succeed.  If you have doubts and failures already in your mind, then you'll  fail.  
    During transition, when you travel, visit relatives or go out with friends, you might consider eating salads because they're easy to get anywhere.  You might have much more difficulty finding edible fruit. If you do intend to eat salads during transition, when you go out or are traveling, take along some some salad "beefers" with you:  almonds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, avocado, etc..
    You can make the extra effort to pack fruit along with you.  These days, they sell a fabulous assortment of coolers which makes taking fruit along easier than ever.  Putting fruit attractively in nice, neat, organized containers makes it far more appealing to eat.  I would suggest buying a number of different size coolers so that you'll have a cooler to match your needs for a particular excursion.
    There are some other things you can do to add some variety to your eating especially during transition.  You can make smoothies with some fruit juice (for example: fresh squeezed, organic orange juice) and add fresh or frozen fruit to it and blend it up.  With smoothies you always want to add a banana for thickness and creaminess and then add any other fruit you desire.  Dates can be added for sweetness if you want.  Fresh fruit is always much better than using frozen fruit.  Frozen fruit will make it colder which is also less natural.  
    Another thing that can help you out while traveling or if you can't seem to get good avocados in order to get your necessary fat is trail mix.  You can make your own, adding any mixture of dried fruit, nuts and coconut.  Dried fruit alone is also an easy "take along" food.  Dried bananas are great when you don't have any ripe bananas available for consumption.  
    Almond milk is another raw food you can make to drink and even add to smoothies.  The best way I've found to make almond milk is to soak 1/2 cup of almonds overnight.  In the morning, peel the skins off (a knife helps to save your fingers when peeling the skins off), grind the almonds in a blender.  Add 2 cups of water, dates to sweeten it if desired.  I have found if it's done this way, straining it won't do you an ounce of  of good.  Peeling the almonds seems like an incredible amount of work, but I think  it's well worth it.  Nuts, although not optimal food, can be used sparingly for variety.
    Through certain times of the year and through certain times in your life, doing 100% fruit, without exception, will be easier.  If you keep trying to do better and better, eventually, you'll  come to a place when doing 100% fruit is easy.  You might eventually have some kind of experience where it'll click in for you.  I think for us, we are much more committed to it than ever and it is so much easier than ever to do.
    With everyone I've ever spoken with about fruitarianism or raw food, the consensus really seems to be that if you allow some cooked food into your life, you'll eventually keep adding more and more until you are eating a pretty huge amount of cooked food.  The aspiring raw foodist or fruitarian then gets fed up with the cooked food and goes back to 100% raw for awhile.  The cycle can go one for quite sometime until something  occurs that causes the person to get off that merry-go-round and then he or she is finally able to kick the cooked food habit.  I think the toughest part with that  whole situation is that a small amount of cooked food in your diet remains appealing for quite sometime and if you give in to that deep seated cooked food addiction, then you inevitably add more and more cooked food to your diet.  Eating cooked food is very habit forming and people don't even know why they're doing it anymore.  Nobody questions the things people do and have done for a long time.  
    As you transition towards being fruitarian, live in the now.  Think this is what I'm doing today, at this moment, for this hour, for this minute...  Take it one day at a time and one step at a time.   So with fruitarianism and as with all other aspects of life, live in the present as much as you possibly can.  Keep striving and you will make it to your goal!
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