We find it very unfortunate, but there is an incredible amount of fear out there regarding fruitarianism.   If we can find one unhealthy fruitarian, we all come to the conclusion that it's his diet that 's doing it.  While it is possible that it could be some aspect of his diet, let's remember that there are many aspects to health  First, we inherit a certain amount of health of ill health from our parents, and I don't know too many people who have been fruitarian since birth, so although I may be fruitarian now, I still did much damage to my body for the first 20 something years that I ate all kinds of other foods.  
I remember meeting a woman in Hawaii who said she knew of a fruitarian who's teeth had all fallen out and she thought that I was very strange trying to live on such a diet.  It turned out that the individual she was referring to has lost all his teeth long before he ever became fruitarian because he was bulimic.  Fortunately, I was able to meet this guy and determine the truth of the matter, however, people often believe these kind of rumours.
The latest thing is the renewed interest in Johnny Lovewisdom in Ecuador.  Johnny Lovewisdom has been one of the better known advocates of a fruitarian diet for decades.  Although I have been in Ecuador, I have never met Johnny Lovewisdom personally, not do I know for certain what kind of a diet he has lived on most of his life.  He may also have been born of very unhealthy parents.  I can't determine that.  There may be certain injuries that attributed to his health problems.  Injuries can sometimes lead to depression, which can lead to eating unhealthy foods.  (There was talk that he had had some kind of injury.)
On that topic, you may be familiar with the book "How I Conquered Cancer Naturally" by Eydie Mae Huhnsberger.  Eydie Mae was able to rid herself of cancer via a raw food diet.  However, she later had some spinal injuries and as the depression set in, she fell back into eating cooked food, especially spicy, Mexican type food and she died as a result.  Those who don't know the truth of the matter, assume that her cancer came back when she was on the raw food diet.  
There are so many factors to health.  When Linda McCartney died recently, many were quick to point out that she had been a vegetarian and that it didn't seem to help her out.  The point is that vegetarians worldwide are healthier than meat eaters, but that's just the averages.  You can still find some vegetarians with cancer.  As more people become fruitarian, let's keep that in mind.  Fruitarians will always be healthier than the rest of the public, but whereas 50% of American males die of heart disease, we may still find a fruitarian who has a heart attack.  Maybe he ate commercial fruits.  Maybe he didn't eat enough, maybe he combined the fruits all wrong and they never digested properly.  Maybe he ate a ton of nuts which are hard to digest.  Maybe he didn't become fruitarian till he was 50 years old.  Maybe he lapsed into a non fruitarian diet. There are too many questions and possibilities which are forever unknown.  So when you find a fruitarian which is unhealthy, don't let it scare you away.  I have met some unhealthy vegans, so what?  You can still be vegan and eat a total junk food diet or a completely cooked food diet.  
Some fruitarians seriously lack exercise, an important aspect of health, and many people find it somewhat of a struggle to get enough proper exercise in our modern society.  Although I constantly try myself to get enough exercise, sometimes I don't because of the environment in which I live, which is extremely hot through the summer months.  
Many other factors affect your health.  I, for one, spend many more hours in front of a computer screen than I would like to, affecting my health in a very negative way.  
The stress of modern day life, of finances, relationships, traffic, noise, etc., all take their toll on us.  
The bulk of the people today live in large metropolis areas where the air is very bad to breathe, a major factor, maybe even more important than the food we eat.  It seems almost pointless to eat as healthy as possible, if the air we breathe is totally poisoned.
It seems that there is an almost endless list of things which can contribute to our ill health today.  It would be foolish to think that our diet is the only aspect of health to concern ourselves with.  That is why we like to refer to the whole fruitarian way of life, not merely as a diet, but as the "fruitarian lifestyle", because most fruitarians seek to do as many things as possible to get their lives more in line with a more natural state of existence.
Most people who report eating a fruitarian diet, for some period of time, tell me that they've never felt better, have more energy and vitality and are more spiritually focused than ever.  This tells me something.
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