You may ask yourself, if you are new to the whole arena of eating a more natural diet, how the rest of your life could affect your diet, but your daily activities are intricately interwoven with your diet.
    First and probably foremost, the place you live has a dramatic impact on your diet.  If you live in a cold, harsh climate where produce only grows seasonally you are more apt to eat cooked and processed foods.  Cities, with their traffic, pollution, crime, noise and incredible amounts of stress push people into coping by continually eating large amounts of stimulating foods such as meats, junk foods, spicy foods, not to mention alcohol, cigarettes and illegal drugs.  All those non-foods tend to narcotize the brain and help people to keep themselves in a walking stupor in which they can continue their unnatural existence.  If they were to see their lives from a clear and detached perspective, they would head for the hills as fast as possible.
    I have lived in Arizona for a decade and have seen Phoenix grow to become the fastest growing metropolis in America.  It's energy is harsh.  I often say it has a "Circle K" mentality.  For those of you who don't know, Circle K is a fast food convenience store that also sells gasoline, and they are typically open around the clock.  They are very popular and an amazingly clear symbol of city life.  People can stop in and fill their cars with polluting gasoline, which nowadays contains toxic additives like MTBE, and when they pay for the gas, most people can purchase some ready made processed and seasoned junk food, along with cigarettes and beer.  Food for the car and food for the person all in one stop, all guaranteed to destroy the environment and our health on every level.  With all due respect to Circle K (they are an incredibly good business at what they do), it's clear that there's a certain lower vibration of energy that thrives on their existence  Those fast food convenience stores thrive in big cities because they feed on the same stressed out energy of the city.
    Most people feel forced to live in cities to make money, but we end up paying with our health, our sanity and eventually our lives.  
    People who live in cities often like to think they know more than the farmers who grow the food, or that they could grow all their own food, which is so much more of an ordeal than they could ever imagine.
    If you are one of the millions who are stuck in the city at the present time, do whatever you can to help create a better energy around yourself.  Create some positive space in your life, in your home, maybe even in your job.  Get out to some farms, some farmer's markets, etc.   Get in touch with the reality of life.  Do you know that many kids today don't even know that milk comes from cows?  Do you know that many people who live in Phoenix don't know that dates grow on palm trees, even when they are everywhere in Phoenix.  Look up.  Many people who live in Phoenix have totally forgotten that it is a desert.  They seek to completely change the area in completely disharmony with nature.  One particular elected individual even suggested that if more trees in northern Arizona were cut down, perhaps more water could be made available for Phoenix golf courses!  It's amazing how completely out of touch with nature people can get.
    As our bodies and minds become filled with the toxins of the city, the noise, the stress, the pollution, our natural inclination is unfortunately to eat unnatural foods.  That is why the fruitarian finds life so difficult in the city and succeeds so much easier away from the city.  If you get out of the city and go spend the afternoon sitting on a riverbank, I guarantee you that you'll be more drawn to want to eat an orange and a banana than something you purchased from one of those fast food convenience locations.  It's really that simple.  
    The solution:  Do whatever you can to get back to a more natural existence  Start with where you are and move if you have to.  Get out in nature more, go on hikes, bike rides, whatever it is that you enjoy and you will soon discover the truth of the matter, that the more natural your life becomes, the more natural your diet will be.
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