Ok, so winter's winding down and we're getting close to the great variety of the summer, but this is still a great time of year.  While the summer fruits may still be a few months off,  we are coming into the middle of the strawberry season, which is really fun, of course with strawberries comes raspberries.
This time of years, there's still some great apples on the shelves.  You need to check out some variety.  Natural food stores have so much more than red delicious.  Check out galas, fujis, pink lady and braeburn for starters.
There's still lots of great citrus on the shelves, but the navels will soon disappear, to be replaced by nothing but valencias.  
After their brief haitus, the haas avocados are back on the shelves and a little cheaper than in previous years.  Let's hope that trend continues.  Avocados growers have been hit with so many problems, and those of us who love avocados have been forced to pay high prices since 1994.  
It's also a great time of year to enjoy dates, like medjools, or barhis.
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